Using a cordless drill with an auger bit for gardening

If you find drilling holes in the ground by hand is slow and tiresome then a cordless drill auger bit for gardening might be the perfect solution

Can I use a cordless drill with an auger bit for gardening?

You can purchase smaller garden auger drill bits which are attachments for a cordless drill typically used for DIY jobs around the home, these will save time and effort for several smaller gardening tasks. These are only suitable for lighter augers as the motor in a cordless drill will not provide enough torque, attempting to use a cordless drill to turn a large heavy auger could result in permanent damage of the gears or motor.

Always set the drill torque to its lowest gear and speed when using an auger bit as an attachment. When using a cordless drill auger in rocky soil you should use it in a cautious manner, when hitting a rock or tree root you may experience kickback. Always push the auger into the ground very slowly, stop the second you feel or hear the blade scrape against an obstacle and don’t press too hard.

A more powerful SDS drill should be able to handle a larger heavy auger bit used for digging fence posts and may be a cheaper option to a dedicated motorised auger if you already own an SDS drill. An SDS drill can also be used with several breaker attachments which are invaluable when preparing rocky and tough terrain.