How to grow basil

Basil not only tastes great but is also a fantastic looking herb to grow in the garden, attracting butterflies and bees whilst keep hornworms away.
How To

Growing basil

How to grow basil from seed.

Sow in spring

Basil seed should be sown in spring. Sow the seed very thinly.

Prick out the seedlings

The seedlings should be pricked out, when grown enough to handle.

Move the seedlings

Place the seedlings in a sunny, dry spot.

Planting the seedlings

Plant the seedlings out when the risk of frost is low. If climate conditions are warm, basil seed can be sown directly into the ground.

Where should I grow basil?

Basil prefers to be grown in well-drained, dry, nutrient-rich soil. A sunny spot is ideal. Basil can also be grown in pots.

How should I trim basil plants?

Basil can be cut back regularly to maintain a fresh supply of basil leaves. You can prune back to just above the bottom two sets of leaves. Don’t allow the plant to flower otherwise the herb will lose flavour.

How should I harvest basil?

It is best to pick basil leaves in summer when the leaves are young and the leaves are dry. Try to pick the leaves in a way that maintains the plants shape. You can pick the outer leaves to encourage new growth from the centre.

How should I store basil?

You can freeze or dry the herb, or store the leaves in jars of oil.