What is a lawn edger?

Lawn edging is an overlooked process that dramatically improves the appearance of an entire landscape by creating neat borders between each garden feature.

Mowing grass reduces the thickness of the lawn whereas a lawn edger is used to sharpen up the overall aesthetic, creating straighter lines smoother curves and tighter corners. We have attempted to answer all your questions to tell you everything you need to know about using a lawn edger.

What is a lawn edger?

A lawn edger is a manual garden tool which is used around the edges of a lawn to create an immaculate border next to other garden features such as flower beds, areas of bark, patios, paths, paving or driveways.

Why do I need a lawn edger?

If you care about the appearance of your lawn then a lawn edger is essential, costing only a fraction of the price of a decent lawn mower it can add a real finishing touch to create a perfect well landscaped garden with minimal effort.

Why is a lawn edger necessary?

It is necessary to use a lawn edger due to the unique design which makes it ideal to create borders quickly and easily. A lawn edger will be more suited for longer lasting edges compared to a strimmer which only removes the grass and not the soil containing the roots. It is also more suited than a garden spade which is designed for shifting soil as opposed to creating borders.

How does a lawn edger work?

A lawn edger works by placing weight on the foothold and pressing directly down which digs a straight line in soil to create a border between the grass and another area in the garden.

What does a lawn edger look like?

A lawn edger has a long wooden or metal shaft, T or D grip handle, and a semi-circular head similar to a garden spade with a rounded bottom. The semi-circular head of the lawn edger has a sharp blade at the bottom and a small foothold at the top which is stepped on to apply pressure.

Lawn edger alternatives

What is a lawn edger also called?

An lawn edger is also called an edging iron, step edger, flower bed edger, half moon lawn edging tool, edging stick or lawn edging knife.

Does a grass edge trimmer do the same as a lawn edger?

An edge trimmer can only strim away grass on the surface to define a neat border, it still leaves uneven soil containing grass roots which will quickly grow back into the same irregular shape. A lawn edger will remove the uneven soil edges containing the grass roots forming a line so there is no irregularly shaped soil overlap for any fresh grass to grow back into again. The strimming cord on a trimmer is the perfect tool for cutting through grass on the surface but is unable to dig 6-inch holes in the soil below in the grass roots.

Can I use a garden spade for edging a lawn?

Although it is possible to use a garden spade to edge a lawn it might not be as comfortable due to the lack of foot support, and unless the surface of the spade is totally flat you might introduce an unwanted curved pattern into the border. A garden spade is designed to dig up soil rather than create straight lines, this will result in pulling up larger chunks of turf inadvertently.

Is a lawn edging knife the same as a lawn edger?

A lawn edging knife is another name for a lawn edger, but it does not resemble a traditional knife nor held like one.

Why is a lawn edger important?

Lawn edging is the simplest and most effective way to have well defined visually appealing borders in a garden, due to their simplicity a lawn edger is easy to clean after every use. Although a lawn edger is primarily used for aesthetic reasons it can also prevent grass from creeping into flower beds and growing onto walkable surfaces such as patios or paths causing a slip hazard when wet. An edger requires minimal preparation, it is the cheapest and easiest way to give the appearance of a freshly landscaped new lawn without needing to invest in new turf.

What is a lawn edger used for?

A lawn edger is landscaping tool used for creating a neat line or border between a lawn and other elements of your garden.

What does a lawn edger do for a pond?

If you wish to create a sharply defined border between a pond and lawn then a lawn edger is perfect, no more soggy grass. Prior to digging into soil surrounding a pond be mindful of that pond liner, shallow electrical cabling and water supply pipes might be hidden under the surface.