Auger maintenance

Maintaining your auger on a regular basis prolongs the lifespan, prevents the spread of plant disease and keeps the blade sharp to make digging easier.

Can you sharpen hole auger blades?

Rather than throw a blunt hole auger you can use a bench grinder to sharpen the blades, this will prolong the life of the tool. If any bends appear further up on the blade which are preventing the soil from being pushed up during operation you might be able to carefully use pliers or a hammer to straighten these out.

Please be aware that attempting to repair an auger yourself might invalidate any warranty or guarantee of the manufacturer.

Do augers come with a guarantee?

As with most garden tools this will depend on the make and model of the auger, ensure that you are using it correctly if you wish the manufacturer to honour the guarantee.

Can I replace the handle, shaft or blade on a hand augur?

The manufacturer should be able to offer a suitable replacement for any components on a hole auger which have been damaged. If the parts are no longer available you may find most parts of a hole auger are of a standard size, therefore you should be able to replace them with parts from another manufacturer.

If the handle has snapped whilst in the ground and you need to recover the shaft and blade quickly then try using a long handled wrench or clamp around the shaft in order to try gradually turning the auger. We’ve seen broom handles and old bicycle handlebars slotted into the hollow steel shaft of a broken auger used as auger handle replacements.