How to grow pineapples

Did you know you can buy a pineapple from a supermarket, take it home and grow even more as houseplants? Read how to propagate a pineapple in easy 5 steps.
How To

Growing pineapples

How to grow and propagate a pineapple.


Plant pineapples in full sun and choose a place that is sheltered from wind. Pineapple plants prefer hot temperatures (18-30°C) and high humidity (approximately 70/80%).


Plant pineapple suckers in a loamy soil about 12 inches apart.


Ensure the pineapple plants are watered in dry weather.


Feed the plants with a good fertiliser every two to three months and mulch to retain moisture in the soil.

Avoid diseases

Pineapple plants are prone to numerous pests and diseases including heart rot caused by fungi. To prevent the occurrence of diseases use a fungicide when propagating pineapples.

How do I propagate a pineapple?

You can grow a pineapple from the fruit’s top using a knife to slice the top off the fruit without cutting through the shoot itself. Dip the shoot in some fungicide and leave to dry over several days then put the pineapple top into a pot of compost and keep in a warm environment (18°C). After a few weeks the pineapple top should have grown a root and be ready to pot on.

A pineapple can be propagated from the suckers that grow from the bottom of the fruit by removing the suckers from the pineapple with a knife. Then dip the end of the suckers in some fungicide, leave to dry over several days then take off lower leaves before potting the suckers in sandy compost.

How long do pineapples take to grow?

It takes approximately 18 months to grow pineapples from suckers from the pineapple fruit and approximately 24 months to grow from a pineapple top.

When are pineapples ready to harvest?

When the pineapples turn yellow they are ready for harvesting, simply cut the stem below each fruit.