How to clean a lawn aerator

Washing and oiling your lawn aerator helps prevent rust, keeps dried clumps of soil from falling on your garage floor and prolongs the life of the tool.

As with most garden tools it is recommended to perform regular maintenance on a lawn aerator by cleaning after each use and removing any cores still stuck in the spikes.

If the aerator is going to be stored for long periods of time then ensure the spikes, blades and other moving parts are kept oiled, remembering to check occasionally over time for signs of rust and treat accordingly.

After using an aerator some soil might remain in the spikes, although this won’t damage the spikes they might fall off in storage.

Total Time: 10 minutes

Remove soil

A jet wash or hose after use is the fastest way to clean to remove dirt from the spikes providing there is no risk of water damaging the mechanical parts or motor.

Clean inside the spikes

One useful tip for cleaning hollow spikes is to use a hammer and punch to remove the soil, but an air chisel will make this process faster. Be careful to only hit the soil inside the spikes and not the metal itself to prevent damage.

Protect with oil

Before storing for long periods of time wipe over with oil to avoid rusting.

Check manufacturer instructions

Always read the instructions which came with the unit for the best ways to keep your aerator clean as there may be other parts which require routine maintainance.